Games and Practices Schedules

Burnaby Field Lacrosse Families:

Games and Practices Schedules
  • Dec.11th & Dec.12th:  This is the final weekend of Fall Season games, unless you have any TBR’s that have been rescheduled
  • Dec.14th & Dec.16th:  We still have our regular practice times this coming Tuesday and Thursday
  • Dec. 20th – Jan. 7th:  No League Games; Winter Break
  • 1st Week of January:  Regular practices will resume
  • Jan.8th & Jan.9th:  Games will resume this weekend
  • Provincials dates have been announced and can be found on our website:
  • As per Pacific Coast Field Lacrosse League policy, spectators must watch games on the opposite side of the field from the players’ benches
  • For our home games, that means spectators for both teams must watch from the other side of the field where the bleachers are
  • Please help our club out by adhering to this policy. Thank you!
Thanks for reading and good luck with your games today!